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8 steps to survive a mass shooting

Mass shootings are now becoming more common today. You may hear it in the news a lot of times, particularly in the United States. A reason it may be happening is the lack of action from legislators, which results in why weapons are still in the hands of those who shouldn't even be owning them. There is no more time for thinking of what your next one will be. The only thing one can do is to be smart when you are already in the area where the attacker is on a killing spree. Your main priority here is to escape, running as fast as you can and without any other goal but to reach the nearest exit. Make sure that you are not to be seen or you could be the shooter's next target. Try to dock and look for objects which will be able to shield y...  Read More

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Hi Everyone, Starting this week i will be, leat till ammoready make it possible for him to do himself, posting some articles by Imran Khan. He will be doing article on saftey and a variety of topics. so if there is something you would like to see his opinion on let me know and ill pass it on. Hope you all enjoy the artiles.  Read More

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